Discover Tenerife

Beaches in Tenerife

Going to the beach in Tenerife is an activity that offers many possibilities. There are golden sand beaches, black sand, and rock beaches.

Teide National Park

Visiting the Teide National Park in Tenerife is something you mustn’t miss during your holidays in the Canaries.


In the Anaga Rural Park, you will be able to enjoy a very special experience, getting to know the laurel forest in a way that is completely unlike what you have always done in the past. Give free rein to your sensitivity and let yourself be carried away by the path that we are proposing. We invite you to discover the secrets hidden within the laurisilva with each one of your senses.


Tenerife is a real golfer’s paradise. Playing these magnificent courses at an agreeable temperature at any time of the year is an indulgence for any lover of golf.


Tenerife has more than 40 different launch sites for paragliders from all over Europe to enjoy.

The great variety of flying areas located near one another plus an exceptional climate that allows flying almost every day of the year are the two great attractions of paragliding in Tenerife. This sport is very popular on the island and there are many clubs that offer courses, advice (essential to get to know the wind patterns for safe flying) and the chance of flying tandem (a good way to get started)

Scuba Diving

Tenerife is a paradise for “underwater” holidays. It has a great climate, mainly calm waters, temperatures between 19 and 25 degrees centigrade and a variety of great diving sites all with a rich marine life, sunken ships and volcanic tubes.


In Tenerife, we have one of the best marine ecosystems for surfing as well as the perfect sea and wave conditions ; one of the best volcanic reefs in the world.