Our natural surround is a great place where you can enjoy the silence, the history, the perfumes of the flowers and trees, and the warm and friendly people of the area.

Surrounding Finca La Majadera, you can find different types of flora and orchards where fruit trees grow like plum trees, pear trees, chesnuts tree…

Tenerife is a range without an end of landscapes: from the top of the Teide to the beaches of golden sand, beaches of dark sand, and rocks.

In our Villas we follow a manual of good environmental practices:

Due to the special hydrological conditions of our islands, the water is scanty resources that have great value, that´s why in our Villas there have used devices of unloading of the cistern of low consumption, constrainers of pressure in the showers to save water, installation of channels of withdrawal of rain waters that are stored in the cistern later to use it’s in the irrigation of the gardens, installation of irrigation for drip.

  • To obtain warm water, we use solar plates.
  • The bulbs are of low consumption, to contribute with the energetic saving.
  • Neither pesticides nor harmful products are in use in the care of the gardens.
  • Selective withdrawal of the garbage in containers for each of the residues.
  • The heated pools have a saline chlorinator system that protects the environment.

Spectacular View

During the day or night, you can have views of our neighboring island, Gran Canaria, or enjoy a starry night because of the low light pollution we have in this area.

Fruit Trees

In the villas you can find different trees such as pear trees, plums, orange tree, lemon or chestnut trees, from which you can take the fruit directly and eat it.

We protect the enviroment

At Finca La Majadera we respect our environment, so we do not use any type of product harmful to our environment