If you come to the island looking for tranquility, peace, beauty and calm, the trails offered by Tenerife will be your best option, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, a unique nature and discover some parts of the island that you can only reach on foot, discovering incredible landscapes while relieving your stress, calming the mind and exercising in a fun way enjoying the nature of Tenerife.

365 days a year. Except during occasional snowfall in winter, which affects the routes that cross the highest altitudes, and on specific days when the weather conditions are very poor, hiking is an activity for all seasons. Always check the weather forecast before setting off.

The equipment you will need for hiking depends on the distance and weather conditions, but there are a series of basic items that you should not go without.

  • You will need to be in good physical shape to face trails that involve steep slopes, and bear in mind the altitude.
  • You will need suitable hiking gear: boots, a backpack, water, food and so on. You will also need warm clothing (long trousers and a long sleeved shirt) and a walking pole.
  • During the rainy season, take extra care not to slip on the wet ground.
  • Don’t forget to pack a waterproof and a sun hat in your backpack. Because of the altitude, the temperature can turn very quickly and may catch you by surprise.
  • Take enough water and food to keep you going during the whole trip.
  • Although you won’t get a signal in some areas, you are strongly advised to take your mobile phone.

That depends on the area. If the trail passes through a protected area, a licence may be required. The tourist information centres will be happy to tell you when you might need authorisation.

To climb right up to the summit of Mount Teide, for instance, you will need a specific licence that you can apply for on the web site: www.reservasparquesnacionales.es

If you spend the night at the refuge, however, you can access the summit without that licence, provided you do so before 9 am. For more information, visit: www.telefericoteide.com/altavista

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