Terms and Conditions

To reserve our rural house, it’s necessary to anticipate from bank to transfer 30%. The rest, where your at the house in cash.

NOTE: In case of reserves less tan a week, you’ll have to anticipate the TOTAL import of the reserve.

Pets not allowed.

The clients will always be received by the owners. We adapt at the moment of arrival and we will indicate how to get there.

Once in the house, any incidence must be communicated directly to us, so they can try to resolve it with maximum urgency.

You can not celebrate parties, non invitations of people that aren’t staying in the house.

The house has bathrobes, clothes of bed, as well as kitchen furniture.. Slayings of more than a week, will be realized (without incremental cost) cleanliness and change of clothes. The prices include information maps and a basket of receipt with basic products to go out of difficulties until the following day. Milk, water, fruits…

Reservations not accepted less than 7 nights with more than one month in advance. The minimum booking is 3 nights.


  • The 30% when the anulability is efected with more tan fifthteen days of anticipation to the date of entrance.
  • The 50% when the anulability is realized with anticipation from seven to fifthteen days.
  • The 75% of anulability is realized between six to four days of anticipation.
  • The 100% when the anulability is realized with les tan four days on anticipation.

For reasons of major force in which the stay does not become exhausted in its entirety and previous notice on the part of the client of at least 7 days before, there will be returned the proportional part of the anticipated quantity.

Note: The hour of occupation of the housing will be to them 17.00h and the exit before them 12.00h (Decree of regulation Rural Houses). For entry or exits out of these hours, please to consult possibilities.